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Virtual Physiotherapy

Virtual Physiotherapy is Online Physiotherapy that is essential to your health to allow you to live and move more comfortably and can be done from the comfort of your home or office so that you don't have to come into the clinic. The current situation with COVID-19 has forced us all to stay home in order to stay safe.


While we stay diligent and minimize our interaction with others and avoid the spread of this virus, there's NO reason to think that you can't receive great treatment now. During these challenging times with changes to our routines, it is especially important to take care of your own health and overall well-being. This is why I am offering 1-on-1 Virtual Physiotherapy Visits to allow you access to a Registered Physiotherapist without physically coming to the clinic.

 What's done during a virtual appointment? 

We can:

  • provide a physiotherapy assessment and reassurance

  • observe, prescribe and modify exercises

  • answer any questions you may have

  • provide an ergonomic assessment

  • progress your current treatment plan

  • provide patient education and information to help you treat yourself at home


We cannot:

  • provide manual therapy

  • perform acupuncture/dry needling

Using the Video appointment tool is...

  • Easy...just like using FaceTime, Messenger, or WhatsApp Video

  • Secure because we use a private video technology specifically meant for health care

  • Convenient since all you need is a device with a camera and an internet connection

  • Covered by most benefit plans


The LIVE Video Appointment tool allows you to:

  • Stay in a safe space while getting the care you need

  • Continue your existing treatment or consult with a physiotherapist to get started on a new course of treatment

  • Practice new self-treatment techniques 

  • Maintain social distancing and other isolation recommendations necessary at this time


While it's still possible to see you in the clinic while taking special precautions to provide the usual hands-on care including manual therapy and acupuncture, progress can still be made by using other tools such as giving you advice on how to loosen up on your own restrictions or perform exercises to promote better movement and get stronger.


Self-care has always been and continues to be a big part of Physiotherapy Treatment therefore using virtual appointments to help you work through your restrictions and progress your home exercises is definitely beneficial to your overall health and well-being. Keep in mind not all situations are suitable for virtual appointments and you will be made aware of that is your case and we can make arrangements for the most appropriate form of care for you.


Following each appointment, a customized treatment program will be sent to you using exercise software with videos and instructions on how to continue on your own.


Get in touch at 705-735-0982 or email me at to learn more or to book an appointment. You can also book an appointment using the link below.

For more information on what a virtual appointment will look link click the link below: