Oncology Rehabilitation & Lymphedema Management

Initial Assessment

The initial assessment will include a detailed history, objective assessment, goal setting, initial treatment, and home exercises. Your initial appointment will be 60 minutes.



During your  Follow-up Sessions, I will re-assess your movements, swelling, review your home exercise program and provide progressions as indicated. Follow-up Sessions are typically 30 minutes in duration. 

Lymphedema Management 


My focus on Lymphedema Management is on self-management tools including, skincare, bandaging, self-massage, exercise, and education.



During our session, I will review general guidelines on how to measure any changes in lymphedema as well as appropriate exercise guidelines for patients with lymphedema.

Oncology Rehabilitation

As a physiotherapist, I believe in supporting the patient as a whole. Each patient is given the individual attention that is needed to assist in their recovery.

At PR Physio my focus is on Self-Management of Lymphedema. With my years of experience in orthopedics and continuing education with oncology, I look forward to helping you with your rehabilitation. 

Oncology Rehabilitation (Coming Soon).

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